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Version: 15.0.1

Prepare Dataset Step-by-Step


End to End Curation is the easiest mode in SODA for preparing and submitting your dataset to the SPARC Curation Team for review before it is published on the SPARC Data Portal. This mode is designed to guide users step-by-step through all the requirements for preparing and sharing datasets with the SPARC Curation Team according to the SPARC guidelines. Automation is implemented whenever possible to minimize users' time and effort in the process. The user interfaces are designed to include all the necessary information such that no documentation or prior knowledge of the SPARC data curation and sharing guidelines should be needed.

Using the Prepare Dataset Step-by-Step feature

Click on the Curate and Share option of the sidebar and then click on Prepare Dataset Step-by-Step.

On the first page there are three options available:

  • Prepare and submit a new dataset: Select this option if you are starting to curate and share a new dataset that has not been previously started in SODA or Pennsieve.
  • Continue a dataset saved in SODA: Select this option if you want to continue working on a dataset previously started and saved in SODA. You will be able to continue where you left off last time.
  • Work on a dataset from Pennsieve: Select this option if you want to continue working on a dataset that is already on Pennsieve (either pushed through SODA or outside). Note that only dataset that are SDS-compliant can be imported from Pennsieve at the moment.

We have designed the next steps such that you should be able to go through them without needing any documentation. Through successive interfaces, SODA will ask you to specify data files to be included in your dataset, request information about your dataset, and invite you to link your Pennsive account. SODA will then use all of that information to generate directly on Pennsieve a dataset that is compliant with the SPARC data curation and sharing guidelines. Once generated, you will be able to review the dataset and share it with the SPARC Curation Team for their review.


SODA will never modify your local data files. Any changes (file renaming, adding metadata files, etc.) will be reflected on the dataset that is generated on Pennsieve.