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Version: 13.1.2

Connecting with ORCiD/API key


Using your API key to sign in is only recommended if you sign in to Pennsieve with an ORCiD account. If you have a Pennsieve username and password, please view how to use them to sign in here.


SPARC uses the Pennsieve platform to store data and metadata files as well as append additional metadata. All SPARC researchers must thus share their data on Pennsieve. When using SODA for the first time, you will have to connect your Pennsieve account with SODA to use Pennsieve related functionalities implemented in SODA.


You will need a Pennsieve account with access to the Pennsieve workspace where you need to upload your data (e.g., SPARC, RE-JOIN, etc.) before connecting your Pennsieve account with SODA. If you do not have a Pennsieve account and/or access to the right Pennsieve workspace, follow the instructions available here.

Connecting with an API key

SODA does not currently offer a method to connect your Pennsieve account with an ORCiD, therefore you will have to generate an API key on Pennsieve to use to sign in to SODA. To sign in with a Pennsieve API key, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Pennsieve account.
  2. On the bottom left of the Pennsieve interface, hover over your account details and select 'View My Profile.'
  3. In the API Keys section, click the 'Create API Key' button.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a name for your API key. The name of they API key is not important, but please make sure it is unique and has not been used in SODA before.

Once your API key is created, open SODA. To sign in with your API key, follow these steps:

  1. If SODA is not connected to Pennsieve, you will be prompted to sign in. Click the Conncect with API key instead button.

If you have previously logged in to SODA using a different API key/account and run into issues starting the Pennsieve agent, plase view this documentation to delete your Pennsieve config files and relieve the issue.

  1. and Click on a feature that requires you to sign in (e.g. Create a new dataset) under Manage Datasets. You will be presented an interface to sign in with your API key like the one below:
  2. Enter the name of the key you created as the key name, as well as the API key and API secret generated by Pennsieve.
  3. Click 'Connect to Pennsieve' to connect your Pennsieve account to SODA.
  • During subsequent uses, SODA will automatically connect to the Pennsieve account you connected with your API key.
  • Neither the SODA Team nor anyone else besides you will have access to your API key and secret. The API key and secred will be stored locally on your computer only.

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