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Version: 6.0.0

Upload a banner image


All SPARC datasets must have the following metadata on Pennsieve: subtitle, description, banner image, license, and tags. This interface allows you to easily add a banner image to your Pennsieve dataset. This image will be associated with the dataset and used as a thumbnail once the dataset is published on the SPARC data portal.

How to

To access this interface click on the Free Form Mode side bar option, then click on the Manage Datasets tab, and finally click on the Upload a banner image card.

  1. Select/confirm your Pennsieve account and dataset. If you have not connected your Pennsieve account with SODA yet, use the instructions available here. Any existing banner image for your Pennsieve dataset will be automatically imported in the interface.

  2. Click on Edit banner image

  3. Click on Import image in the new pop-up window.

  4. Select the image file you want to use as a banner image.

  5. Crop the file as desired.


    All banner images must be square, have a minimum display size of 512x512 px (1024x1024 px preferred), and have a maximum file size of 5 MB.

  6. Click on Save changes. The newly added banner image will be displayed in the interface.

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