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Version: 8.x

Create README.txt


Under this feature, SODA lets you rapidly prepare the README metadata file, mandatory for all SPARC datasets. This file is expected to contain necessary details for reuse of the data, beyond what is capture in the other metadata files.


README.txt is a mandatory file when preparing a dataset.

How to

To access this interface click on the Free Form Mode side bar option, then click on the Prepare Metadata tab, and finally click on the Create README.txt card.

  1. You can start by either Creating a README file from scratch with SODA or Continue working on an existing README.txt file.

    • If you want to continue working on an existing README.txt file, you will be prompted to either import it from your computer, or specify a Pennsieve dataset where the file is currently located. SODA will load information from such README file for further edits at your convenience.
  2. In the text-area, enter the information to be included in your README.txt file. Some information that should be included are:

    • How would a user use the files that are provided? e.g., first open file X and then look at file Y.
    • What additional details do users need to know? Are some subjects missing data?
    • Are there warnings about how to use the data or code?
    • Are there appropriate/inappropriate uses for this data?
    • Are there other places that users can go for more information? e.g., did you provide a GitHub repository or are there additional papers beyond what was provided in the metadata form?
  3. Review and click on Generate to generate your README file. You have the options to generate and save it on your computer or generate and upload it directly to Pennsieve. If your dataset is not organized yet, you can save this file anywhere on your computer then import it in SODA when prompted in the Organize dataset feature.

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