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Version: 8.x

Add edit subtitle


All SPARC datasets must have the following metadata on Pennsieve: subtitle, description, banner image, license, and tags. This interface allows you to easily add a subtitle to your Pennsieve dataset. This subtitle will become the short description visible immediately under the title of your dataset once it is published on the SPARC data portal.

How to

To access this interface click on the Free Form Mode side bar option, then click on the Manage Datasets tab, and finally click on the Add/edit subtitle card.

  1. Select/confirm your Pennsieve account and dataset. If you have not connected your Pennsieve account with SODA yet, use the instructions available here.
  2. In the textbox, add two or three sentences (limit of 256 characters) that describe the content of your dataset such that it is possible to differentiate it from other datasets. You can see published datasets on for inspiration.
  3. Click on Add subtitle.

If an existing subtitle if found for your Pennsieve dataset, it will be shown in the interface and you will be presented with an Edit description button to click.

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