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Version: 5.4.0

Make PI owner of dataset


There are four permission privileges available for a dataset on Pennsieve: owner, manager, editor, and viewer. Each of them provides different permissions for making changes to a dataset. These permissions are summarized the table here.

When you create a dataset, you have owner permissions on the dataset. As per SPARC rules, the PI of the SPARC award must be made owner of the dataset. This is because only the owner can submit a dataset for publishing and SPARC requires the PI to do so.

How to

  1. Select/confirm your Pennsieve account and the dataset that you wish to rename. If you have not connected your Pennsieve account with SODA yet, use the instructions available here.
  2. Select your SPARC award's PI's name in the drop-down list.
  3. Click on Make PI owner.

You will automatically be assigned manager permissions to the dataset if you were the owner of the dataset.

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