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Version: 5.3.3

Create submission.xlsx


Under this feature, SODA lets you rapidly prepare the submission metadata file for your dataset. This feature is designed to avoid commonly found errors when preparing this file. The expected structure of this file, generated automatically by SODA, is explained in our corresponding "How to" page if you would like to learn about it.

SODA makes use of two resources to help you prepare the submission file rapidly and without errors:

  • The SPARC Airtable sheet
  • The Data Deliverables document associated with your award. This document list the milestones and associated datasets as agreed between awardees and SPARC. In the submission metadata file, it is necessary to provide milestone and milestone completion dates associated with your dataset exactly as specified in the Data Deliverables document. This document is usually kept by the PI of the SPARC award or the award manager. Learn more about your Data Deliverables document.

How to

  1. You can start by either Creating a submission file from scratch with SODA or Continue working on an existing submission.xlsx file.

  2. If you want to continue working on an existing submission.xlsx file, you will be prompted to either import it from your computer, or specify a Pennsieve dataset where the file is currently located. SODA will load information from such submission file for further edits at your convenience.

  3. Enter the SPARC Award number.


    SODA can help retrieve your SPARC award number if you are connected to the SPARC Airtable sheet. Instructions are provided here.

  4. Enter the milestone(s) for this submission. Enter Not specified in the Data Deliverables document if this dataset isn't associated with any milestone initially planned.


    Click on Click here to import milestones from my Data Deliverables document to import your Data Deliverable document. SODA will automatically extract milestones and associated information which will be used to help you prepare the submission metadata file. You will have to do this only once and it will be then remembered by SODA during subsequent uses. The information from your Data Deliverables document will be saved locally on your computer so only visible to you.

  5. Enter the date associated with this milestone or select from a dropdown of milestone(s) if a Data Deliverable document is imported.

  6. Review and click on Generate to generate your submission file. You have the options to generate and save it on your computer or generate and upload it to Pennsieve. The generated file will be ready to be included in your dataset.

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