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Version: 5.3.3

Create README.txt


Under this feature, SODA lets you rapidly prepare the README metadata file for your dataset. This feature is designed to avoid commonly found errors when preparing this file.

How to

  1. You can start by either Creating a README file from scratch with SODA or Continue working on an existing README.txt file.
  2. If you want to continue working on an existing README.txt file, you will be prompted to either import it from your computer, or specify a Pennsieve dataset where the file is currently located. SODA will load information from such README file for further edits at your convenience.
  3. In the text-area, enter the information to be included in your README.txt file.
  4. Review and click on Generate to generate your README file. You have the options to generate and save it on your computer or generate and upload it to Pennsieve. The generated file will be ready to be included in your dataset.

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