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Version: 5.3.0

How to get your Data Deliverables document


The milestones and associated datasets as agreed between awardees and SPARC are summarized in a document called Data Deliverables document. This documents lists, among other, the milestones of the award, the expected datasets to be associated with each milestone, and the tentative submission date for each of these datasets. The awardee are then expected to submit each dataset by the agreed submission date. When a dataset is submitted by the awardees, the milestone and submission date associated with it must be included in the submission metadata file. In SODA, we provide you the option to import your Data Deliverables document such that you can easily prepare you submission metadata file without errors.

How to

To obtain the Data Deliverables document associated with your award, simply ask your PI or grant manager. Download a template of the Data Deliverables document to see the expected format. A screenshot of a sample Dataset Deliverables document is provided below. Most importantly, it should be in the docx format and at least one table should be included with these exact three headers: Related milestone, aim, or task, Description of data, Expected date of completion. If any of these headers need to be modified, make sure to edit them before importing the file in SODA.

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