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Version: 11.0.0

Share with the Curation Team


Sharing your dataset with the Curation Team must be done only when your dataset is ready to be reviewed. Sharing with the SPARC Curation Team will give them manager permissions, which is necessary for them to review your dataset, and set the dataset status to 03. Ready for Curation (see our documentation on dataset status) thus adding the dataset to the Curation Team's queue for review. It is then highly recommended to not make any changes to your dataset.

How to

To access this interface click on the Free Form Mode side bar option, then click on the Disseminate Datasets tab, and finally click on the Share with Curation Team card.

  1. Select/confirm your Pennsieve account and dataset. If you have not connected your Pennsieve account with SODA yet, use the instructions available here.
  2. If your dataset is not already shared with the Curation Team, a Share now button will be visible. Click on it to add your dataset to the Curation team's review queue. Otherwise, there will be Unshare button for removing the dataset from the Curation team's review queue.

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