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Version: 10.0.4

Connect your Pennsieve account with SODA


SPARC uses the Pennsieve platform to store data and metadata files as well as append additional metadata. All SPARC researchers must thus share their data on Pennsieve. When using SODA for the first time, you will have to connect your Pennsieve account with SODA to use Pennsieve related functionalities implemented in SODA.


You will need a Pennsieve account with access to the SPARC Consortium oganization before connecting your Pennsieve account with SODA. If you do not have a Pennsieve account and/or access to the SPARC Consortium organizaton, follow the instructions available here.

How to login with Email and Password

  1. Click on any features (e.g. Create a new dataset) under Manage Datasets.
  2. Click on the edit symbol next to Current account.
  3. Fill in your Pennsieve Email Address and Password and click Connect to Pennsieve

  • During subsequent uses, SODA will automatically connect to the Pennsieve account you were connected to the last time.
  • Neither the SODA Team nor anyone else besides you will have access to your Pennsieve account. The generated login information required for future sessions on your Pennsieve account will be stored locally on your computer only.

How to login with API key

If you do not wish to provide your Pennsieve login details to SODA, you can create a set of API keys on Pennsieve and provide it to SODA.


Some features of SODA might not work if you add your API keys to SODA in this method. We recommend that you use the username/password entry method to guarantee that only the relevant information needed for SODA is used.

  1. Click on any of the features (e.g. Create a new dataset) under Manage Datasets
  2. On the login prompt click on I want to connect with an API key instead at the bottom of the prompt.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Pennsieve help page or watch our tutorial video below to get an API key and an API secret from your Pennsieve account. Make sure you are under the SPARC Consortium organization on Pennsieve when you generate the API key and secret. Also set your Key name to SODA-Pennsieve
  4. Enter your Key name (SODA-Pennsieve), API key, and API secret and in the corresponding fields then click on Add.

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